Welcome to “Light Came Into The World”!

With over 30 years of ministry experience, we bring our love of God’s Word and love for people to this website. This place is for you, my friend.

As you study the Word of God you will grow in the knowledge of Him and be filled with joy, peace and hope. Joy because as we study God’s Word, we fall more in love with Him and He fills us with His joy. Peace because as we come to know Jesus and repent of our sins, He alone has provided the perfect way for our sins to be forgiven: giving us peace with God. Hope because we know He is coming again!

Light has come into the world! Let us receive his Words with gladness and walk in His Light!

Blessings, Pastor Bruce

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P.S. You are precious to God and he sent his Son to give us hope and a future. He gave us the messages contained in the Bible. If you haven’t heard this Good News, please click here to learn more!